Rock Bottom Riser


Hey friends, Ive been on Tumblr a rather long time and have stayed pretty committed to my blog. Hit me up with other good blogs, share me, I’d be stoked to have more followers.

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Most mornings I wake up and wonder how it is I got through all the horrible shit you did to me at the end.  But don’t think that this first thought in the morning is what I ask for, or something I want to go through.  Some awakenings are like déjà vu to me now and I just go with those days ‘cause there just isn’t anything else I can do.  There’s no measure still for the damage and scars you put onto me.  It has been a very very long time since I had any form of contact with you.  The days roll into each other now.  It’s been beyond a year now.  I have no idea or any sort of real access to knowing where you are now; and the truth is that is what troubles me the most when I have too much time on my hands.  I fear that there may be one or two persons in my life whom if I wanted to, I could ask and find out somehow.  But that would be an awkward stretch I just won’t put myself through on top of how you framed me the way you did.  Some days I don’t think twice about you, and those are really really good days.  I could care less about where and how you have ended up all this time later.  If you were my next door neighbor I know I’d be strong enough now to have the strength to pay you no attention.  You’re a demon that has the capability of sneaking up on me even on my best days.  But there is still no one else I blame other than you.  I have such weird hateful thoughts towards you that keep me up some nights and let this be another one of them…